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Paws for Purpose is a dog training organization serving the Denver metropolitan area that specializes in beginning and advanced obedience as well as correcting behavioral issues. Whether you have a new puppy or an adult dog, we can housebreak and instill good socialization skills as well as promote excellent obedience skills that are tailored to your needs. We can also break bad habits such as biting, chewing, barking, pulling on the leash, jumping up, resource guarding, running out the door, and much more.

Paws for Purpose donates $1 of every training hour to Paws for Veterans, a non-profit organization that trains service dogs for disabled war veterans.


Paws for Purpose uses positive reinforcement to train our dogs. Treats are a must alongside love, petting, praise and the occasional aversive to stop bad behaviors. Everything is done with a gentle hand and a careful approach. We want our dogs to have as much fun as we are!

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Bathtime Blues — Overcoming the Battle

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Some dogs are drawn to water. They love to be in it, no matter the circumstance. However, the vast majority of dogs do not like being placed in a tub and forced to bathe. This can be extremely frustrating as a dog owner, especially after a long day of playing in the mud or lake. Some pups will climb out of the water again and again; others will bolt from the bathroom and hide just out of reach. Sometimes it can leave us feeling desperate and hopeless. Often times in our frustration, we tend to make the situation even worse…

Frustration in Dog Training

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Frustration is a prominent theme in dog training. Unfortunately, sometimes we cannot communicate effectively with our furry friends in the way that they need. The more we try, the more frustrating it gets, and the angrier we become. This is a dangerous situation! Patience is key in dog training. Our pets learn best through positive reinforcement with lots of love and treats – not us yelling at them! Imagine this: You are sitting at a desk working a math problem that you’ve never seen before. That’s bad enough, right? Now imagine trying to work it with someone breathing down your…

Dog Park Dangers

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Dogs are very receptive creatures. Dopamine excretes within their brain when they see their owner, the same as when two people who are in love see each other. They become excited at the sound of the car door opening because that means “park time!” However, there is a negative side to this as well. Some may cower in fear at things that have hurt them in the past, or even become aggressive when that fear strikes. We have to be extremely careful of the situations that we place our dogs in, especially when they are out of our control. It…

Potty Training Trouble

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Potty training troubles are some of the most common issues found in young dogs, and even some of the older ones, too. It can also be one of the most frustrating problems we come across. And don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Here are some strategies to help teach your pup good habits. If you have a young puppy from the age of newborn to 6 months old, it’s important to know that his bladder is very small, and he might not have the best control of it. How can we work around this? Easy! Take him out every 15…

Crate Games Galore — Getting Your Dog to Love His Crate

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Quite frequently, stories are heard about dogs who hate their crates. They bite, scratch, whine, resist, and sometimes run away before you can even get the gate shut. But why do dogs hate it so much? Everything about the crate is boring and tedious. Usually our furry friends only associate bad things with their crates. Screaming “go to your crate” and “bad dog” at the top of our lungs can sometimes be our go-to reaction out of frustration, but does this make the dog want to go to his crate? Not at all. However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t change our…

Vacuums, Fireworks and Noises — Oh My!

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Often times our pups are skittish around the vacuum cleaner or jumpy when fireworks blow up outside. I mean, come on. What the heck is that sucky thing supposed to do, anyway? And that loud BOOM?! What’s that all about! These things don’t make sense to our furry friends and often can cause anxiety — whether we notice it or not. Fear cannot always be easily spotted. We have to learn to look for the signs. Tail tucked, ears back and hair standing up on the hindquarters are all red flags to keep an eye out for. However, learning how to deal…