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A Dogs LifeWe absolutely adore a dog who does what they are supposed to, but then we get angry at them when they don’t behave? That doesn’t make sense! Don’t expect things out of your pooch that you haven’t taught them. Hey, that couch looks awful comfy, and you’ve never shown them that it’s not okay to hop up on it. So what will they do? Take a nice large leap onto your brand new leather couch. Maybe some new scratches will appear, or your upholstery might start to smell like wet dog. There’s no telling what could happen!

Don’t be silly, dogs can’t read signs or minds. Take the time to teach them, just as you would teach a child that drawing on the wall is not acceptable. How do you do this? Easy! If your pup decides to take a vacation on your cushions, give him a firm “get down” or “off” and use his leash to get him down. If he tries to get back up, block him with the leash again. The string attached to his collar isn’t just for looks, it’s practical too! When he stays down, reward with love and treats. If he gets to the point where he’s just looking at you – NOT jumping up – reward that as well! Show ’em that all good things come to those who don’t jump on the couch! He’ll learn, and your furniture will stay in a much better condition.

Another solution is to give them something else to do, or provide them with a bed of their own. They just want to be comfy! Give them their own little space to unwind in with a nice, tasty bone waiting for them. 


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