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Escape Artists — Dogs Who Dash and Don’t Come Back

Does your dog jump fences and dash out of doors when you’re not watching? Do you tirelessly chase them down streets and scream at them to come back? Worry no more. Chasing and screaming for Fido to return to you is certainly not the way to go! If your excited and uncontrolled pooch decides to dash, here are some tips for you to get him back.

Running beagle puppy on the walk1) Do NOT ever chase him down the street! He will find it to be a fun game of “catch me if you can,” and odds are, he’s going to outrun you anyway!

2) Only use the “come” command if he knows it… otherwise you’re just yelling something meaningless at him. Saying a command he doesn’t understand will also make it harder to teach him that command later down the line.

3) Run the opposite direction – I know it sounds crazy, but dogs are motivated by movement. He’ll see you dashing away and get curious as to why you’re doing it. Also, he’ll think it’s a fun game to play. Dogs love to chase!

4) Stop. Drop. Curl up. Sounds odd, right? But dogs also see this as an odd behavior that they aren’t used to you doing. Often times they’ll become curious about you and return.

5) Stop, sit and turn your back to them. Again, this is strange to the dog! Spark curiosity to get Fido home!

Always play it safe, and don’t panic! With these techniques, the odds are with you to retrieve your pup. Just breath, relax, and do something interesting!

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