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We love to play outside with our dogs and take them on walks… but every now and then, we get those icky, cold, wintry and rainy days! Nobody wants to go out into that kind of weather, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t spend time doing fun things with out dogs! There are all sorts of games that can be played in the warmth of your home. Dogs who don’t use their brain or wear out by running often fill their time with inappropriate chewing and other bad behaviors. Point them towards something good; here’s some stuff to try:

1) Play hide-and-seek. If your dog knows stay and you’re by yourself, use that! Put him in one room, go hide somewhere in your house and call him. When he finds you, reward him with a treat. If you have two people, just call him back and forth — change where you are every time and keep the game interesting!

2) Hide food and make your dog find it — nowhere too hard, though! Make it just interesting enough where they have to use their nose AND their brain. Mental stimulation wears dogs out too! You can use a small, nearly flat cup with a few treats in it. Place it somewhere behind a door or on a shelf and watch the magic happen — feel free to help your buddy find it if he’s having a hard time! Make sure that the first few times are extremely simple and easy so that it’s easy to catch on to.

3) Play games by naming toys. Pick their favorite toy and put a name to it. If your dog moves towards the toy, reward when they get near or touch it. Make the game more difficult and add in other toys. Say the original toys name and see if he grabs it. Before you know it, you’ll say the name and your dog will know exactly what you’re talking about. Start to hide it and let your dog go nuts looking for it!

4) If you really don’t have time or the weather is making you want to cuddle on the couch, give your pup something to chew on. Bones and frozen Kongs are both excellent choices to keep him busy for a while.

Nothings to say you can’t have fun inside!

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