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Clicker Training

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One of the most important things in dog training is rewarding your friend correctly. Petting and praise are both good ways to support your pooch in doing a good job, but undoubtedly the most productive form of encouragement is in treats (or play for some dogs.) Condition your dog to a specific sound so that when they hear it, they anticipate the reward to follow. You can either speak the word “YES” or you can use a clicker. How we do this is very simple: 1) Say YES or CLICK 2) Deliver the treat to the dog Make sure that…

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Escape Artists — Dogs Who Dash and Don’t Come Back

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Does your dog jump fences and dash out of doors when you’re not watching? Do you tirelessly chase them down streets and scream at them to come back? Worry no more. Chasing and screaming for Fido to return to you is certainly not the way to go! If your excited and uncontrolled pooch decides to dash, here are some tips for you to get him back. 1) Do NOT ever chase him down the street! He will find it to be a fun game of “catch me if you can,” and odds are, he’s going to outrun you anyway! 2)…

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Get Off My Couch, Dog!

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We absolutely adore a dog who does what they are supposed to, but then we get angry at them when they don’t behave? That doesn’t make sense! Don’t expect things out of your pooch that you haven’t taught them. Hey, that couch looks awful comfy, and you’ve never shown them that it’s not okay to hop up on it. So what will they do? Take a nice large leap onto your brand new leather couch. Maybe some new scratches will appear, or your upholstery might start to smell like wet dog. There’s no telling what could happen! Don’t be silly, dogs…

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Paws for Purpose provided the perfect training for my dog.  The training that Jenna provided was exactly what my stubborn little Shih Tzu needed. When Millie didn’t respond to some lessons, Jenna figured out alternatives to help her achieve her goal.  I am so pleased with the training sessions and am absolutely thrilled with the results.  I thought my dog would never listen to me.  Now, she follows the commands I give her.

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