Courses & Fees

At Paws for Purpose, we like to make a training schedule that fits your needs. We will adjust our times and days to fit your average week. If a training session is missed, the day can be made up free of charge. Our goal is to make this an easy process for you and still get you everything you need.

Package A

$ 497.00

per package

6 One-Hour Weekly Lessons

Package B

$ 597.00

per package

8 One-Hour Weekly Lessons


$ 747.00

per package

12 One-Hour Weekly Lessons

Pricing Details

All packages

Training is for any age and may include any combination of the following: Luring/rewarding, learning to read your dog’s body language, engaging your dog, building relationship, sit, down, stay, stand, leave it, off, come, heel, walking on the leash and going to the crate. Everything important for a strong foundation with your pet.

Behavioral Adjustment Lessons

This session, for age 6+ months, will focus on bad behaviors that your dogs is taking part in: chewing, biting, jumping up, barking, and much more!

$65.00 per hour – available as single lessons or packages.

Hourly lessons

Owner’s Choice – Pick what you want to work on for an hour and we’ll do it! Great choice after you’ve completed a course and still need a little help.

$65.00 per hour

All prices subject to change without notice.